Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Little Luxuries

I'm aware that the past couple of posts have been very much focused on me and what I've been up to lately, to the point where I haven't done a blog post on anything beauty-related in quite a while (I have no idea out of the few of you that actually read my blog posts what you enjoy reading the most, so as I am still blissfully unaware of what you may find terribly boring I shall continue and hope that I'm not sending anyone to sleep!). 
I took I trip to Leeds with my mum this weekend for some retail therapy after a full on return to Sixth Form, and as I have saved up a little bit from my wages, we decided that a shopping trip was in order. I didn't go completely crazy and empty my bank account, however I did decide to indulge a little on some beauty products as a treat for myself:

Mac Lipstick in Chili
Essie Nail Polish in Fiji
Revlon Lash Potion Mascara

I was particularly excited about this purchase, as this is the first Mac lipstick that I have ever bought because I wanted to be 100% sure of the one I wanted before parting with the money it cost (because lets be honest, Mac lipsticks may be amazing, but they aren't cheap). And I have been searching through Boots, Superdrug and even Topshop over the past year trying to find a red lipstick that I can actually wear, without any success. A lot of red lipsticks that you see people wearing who are brunettes or blondes, have blue undertones, which isn't a natural red, and that sort of shade looks really awful on me; and even though I have bought multiple red lipsticks in the hope that they will be different from the last one, it has all been in vain. So when I was in Leeds I found this colour, which is called Chili, and it's more of a rusty red and when one of the girls working on the make up counter kindly put some on my lips so I could have a look and see if it suited me, I was pleasantly surprised that finally I have found a red lipstick that I can actually wear! And needless to say, it's lovely and I can't wait to get some wear out of it this Autumn and Winter. 

Next thing on my luxury list, is this Essie nail polish in the shade Fiji. I have seen a fair few bloggers and youtubers talking about this colour, and I finally decided to get one as I don't have a colour like this in my vast array of nail polishes, and it's safe to say that I absolutely love it. I've had in on my nails all week and it's such a lovely colour, and like all Essie nail polishes it goes on really well and looks fab once applied. You'll have to excuse my shoddy nails/painting in the photograph, although I enjoy doing my nails, I'm not really the best at it in comparison with everyone else. 

And my final product I picked up, was this mascara from Revlon. I actually have seen this on the internet as well, particularly on Fleur's blog and youtube channel, but she said that it was only available in America so much to my dismay I forgot about it and expected not to be able to get my hands on it for a while. So when I spotted it in Boots in Leeds I immediately grabbed one and have been trying it out this week. Overall I like it, it makes my lashes look long and gives them volume as it says on the packet, plus the wand has bristles and isn't plastic which is always a bonus for me. Also, the packaging is so pretty, that even if I didn't like it, I might just keep it anyway to look at - which I sad I know. The only thing I might say negatively about it, is that it can get a tiny bit clumpy on my eyelashes if you apply too many layers, but that is only a minor thing and it's not been an issue for me since I've been using it, so it gets a thumbs up from me! 

And that just about concludes my few little luxuries that I bought for myself. I hope that you've enjoyed reading a post that wasn't a lifestyle one for a bit of a mix up, adds a bit of excitement.. maybe? Anyway, I will stop rambling. I hope everyone has a lovely week and hasn't had too much of a miserable Monday! 

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