Friday, 26 October 2012

Addicted To Candles

Hi everyone, today I thought I'd mention one of my absolute favourite things - in fact I think I would class it as more of an obsession/addiction. And that thing, is candles. I absolutely adore them; they're relaxing and perfect for when you've had a stressful day and just need to chill out with a cup of tea, especially in the frosty Winter and Autumn months. At the moment you can get some gorgeous candles that smell like Christmas (which is something I plan on investing a lot of money into the next time I get paid!). Recently, I discovered a candle shop where I live, which for some unknown reason, I had never visited before, which is extremely hard to believe! It was like I'd stepped into heaven, it was wall-to-wall Yankee candles of all different sizes, scents and colours. To my delight there was both Halloween and Christmas scented ones on display, and also Christmassy candle holders screaming out festivity with glitter and teeny figurines glued onto a frosted glass pot. Needless to say, I used what change I had to purchase a Halloween themed and a Christmas themed candle of a small size (for starters) . 

'Candy Corn' Yankee Candle
Before you ask, no, I haven't edited the life out of this picture, it really is emitting that bright orange glow. Sadly I didn't think to take a photograph pre-lighting of the candle, so this is it on its last legs, as I have burnt it nearly all the way down. It used to be a Yankee Candle called Candy Corn as a special Halloween treat, it smelt gorgeous (as most candles do!) and I think it was only £1.80 which was great! 

 Although I may be criticised for purchasing anything with Christmas themes, I do not care - for this candle smells like what I imagine paradise smells like. It's not great if you don't like sweet smells, as it really does smell of a cupcake (well, as much as wax can do). I have lit it once, but then decided to savour it for the beginning of December when I go Christmas mad. Just like Candy Corn, this was £1.80 so it didn't cost very much for what I get out of it. Here it is, in my star candle holder, looking very festive (I know, I know, it's too soon).

Christmas Cupcake - Yankee Candle
Candles might not be everyone's thing, but they're something that I love and so I wanted to share that with you guys. Everyone needs a bit of a relax every now and then - go on, buy yourself a candle, and you'll sink into relaxation and get rid of all that stress x 


  1. We seem to share a love for candles! They're my favourite things ever, I actually have 5 on the go all around me as i'm typing this, they're so relaxing :) Lovely post!

    p.s. I smelt the Christmas cupcake one in Clinton's the other day and it's amazing! x x

  2. The Christmas cupcake candle sounds like it would smell amazing, must hunt it down. I'm currently going through a candle craze, I think it's perhaps because I'm trying to make my uni room feel much more homely and chilled.xx