Monday, 19 August 2013

Weekend In London

Brace yourselves, this is going to be a long one!

Last night I got back from spending the weekend down in London with my boyfriend Gabriel, and we stayed with my uncle and his girlfriend for three days. I'd been looking forward to it for pretty much the entire Summer because I've not been away anywhere this year, this was my only escape from normality that I'm going to get - so I vowed I'd make the most of it, and I certainly did. 

We got the train down to London on Friday, and by the time we arrived it was late afternoon so we spent an hour or so looking around Covent Garden, mainly because I wanted to find the Moomin shop in there (if you don't know what Moomin or Moomintrolls are then google them, they are super cute). And with that mission accomplished, Gabriel and I navigated our way through the tubes to meet my uncle and went back to his for pizza yum. 

Saturday was a particularly notable day for me. As one of the biggest Harry Potter fans ever, I was beyond excited to visit the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour! We had a tour booked in for the afternoon, which gave us enough time to get ourselves to Watford, and get the shuttle bus to the studios - eek. The tour itself must have lasted about three hours and honestly it was incredible. I can't really describe everything that we did there or this blog post would be even longer than it already is turning out to be, so I will insert some of my favourite things to see there that we did and saw. 

The tour came out into the gift shop, which was absolutely massive. And although the price was maybe a little bit over the top, Gabe and I both picked up a wand. I got Hermione's and he got Sirius's. Goodness knows what we'll do with them in the coming years, however Gabriel was casting various spells on me and other innocent passers-by in the station and on the train home. 

After that very eventful few hours, we headed off back to my uncle's flat and went out for a meal which was delicious. 

Sunday was sadly our last day in London *sobs* and we headed off pretty early in the morning (with our extremely heavy backpacks of the weekends clothes and various purchases - which made trekking round the city centre a bit of a task). We got on a us to Waterloo which went past all your typical sightseeing destinations e.g. Big Ben and the London Eye. We walked all the way up and down the River Thames - finding 'Gabriel's Wharf' on the way, which Gabe was thrilled about and obviously demanded millions of photos with any sign he could find. We walked all the way to Soho, and had a peruse down Carnaby Street which was really lovely. By this time we were eager to get going to where we had planned to spend the majority of our day - Camden. I had never been before so I was really looking forward to it. And I was not disappointed, it was as weird and wonderful as I had expected and more. The markets that were all crammed together held some absolute gems, and Gabe and I both made a substantial amount of purchases (Which I will show in more detail at the end of this post). So we spent the afternoon rummaging around the various stalls and getting lost. By the time we both came out (smelling very strongly of all different types of incense) it was basically time to get the train home. However Gabe wasn't leaving before he had got a photo with a group of about 6 guys, all decked out totally in punk gear. Piercings, tattoos, spiked up hair - the whole lot. It was scarily impressive, and the photo I got of the group of them is brilliant. Sadly we then boarded the train home, and now I'm back in the miserable North, I want nothing more than to run away there again for a few more days and escape my daily life. 
Here's some photos of Camden - including Gabriel and his new friends. 

As I mentioned before, I did buy a fair few things this weekend - especially in Camden. I am a sucker for candles and incense, so I got myself a really dinky little packet of various scented bits and bobs for my room which I love. I also treated myself to two gorgeous pairs of earrings from the markets. We found a photo booth just in a corner of one of the rooms of stalls, which gave us some really sweet photos that I have stuck on my wall as a reminder of the weekend. The weird little shorts at the bottom of these pictures, are pjs that I picked up from David and Goliath on Carnaby Street and I just thought they were super cute. 

Thank you so much for reading (if you have read all the way down here, there you deserve a medal *gives medal*) - I really had a blast this weekend, and just writing this blog post is making me want to go back! 

Harriet x

 P.S I couldn't help myself. I bought this is Kings Cross Station. There is no excuse. 

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