Saturday, 6 September 2014

Love Affair With My Polaroid

This post is going to be a little dedication to my new favourite possession. I received this Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 as a gift for my 18th birthday in August and I am totally head over heels in love with it. I get excited about where I am going now, just in case there's an opportunity for my to take a couple of snapshots. Polaroid cameras have always been a love of mine, because I love having real photographs to hold and treasure properly rather than scrolling through an album on Facebook which will inevitably get deleted at some point, when those photos are lost forever. 
I know a lot of people have this camera, so many of you are probably aware of how amazing this little device is. To use it you just pop out the lens and look through the viewfinder and click - before a cute little picture whirrs out the top of the camera. Then there is the wait for the picture to develop to see if you've managed to point it in the right direction and the subjects have actually been looking at you at the right moment. And there you have it. Below are two photos from my 18th birthday party where I whipped out my camera to get a few hard memories of the occasion which have now been stuck in my photo album.

I know this was only a little post - but I just wanted to share with you my love for polaroid cameras and hopefully inspired some of you to want to get your very own one - honestly they are worth it! (Even though the film you have to buy for them is extremely pricey for the amount of photos you can actually take with it). 
Have a wonderful day everyone and thank you so much for reading. 


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